Numerous individuals experience some degree of hair loss as they age. Aloe vera has been used by millions of individuals as a method of promoting natural hair restoration. Using it for hair loss is safe, natural, and affordable. Before you attempt to reduce hair loss with it, you should be examined by a dermatologist to discover the cause of your hair loss. This will determine if aloe vera can effectively treat it. The next step is to locate the product itself. Most products containing this ingredient can be found on the Internet or in natural health food stores.

Because aloe vera contains an enzyme that promotes hair growth, it is adept for promoting natural hair restoration. It may be applied directly to the affected areas of the scalp, and most individuals generally do not experience any side effects. When using aloe vera for hair growth, it can be combined with other natural products, such as wheat germ and coconut milk, to create a type of shampoo. However, you can effectively reduce hair loss with aloe vera in either a gel form or a lotion form. Its nourishing properties allow it to revitalize your scalp if it is dried out or otherwise damaged. An aloe vera regimen can also be combined with a low fat and low protein diet to combat hair loss.

You might also choose to harvest your own plant. These plants can easily be obtained at a local nursery or garden center. To use it to treat your hair, crack open a few of the plant’s tendrils and squeeze the gel out of it. Massage the pulp and juice onto your scalp and rinse off after 30 mins. If you would prefer to buy aloe vera gel or lotion, which can be found in your local health food store, make sure its purity is no less than 99.9%. The gel can benefit both the skin and hair. Apply it directly to your scalp daily, leave on for between 30-45mins and rinse out. If when using aloe vera you experiences itching or another form of skin irritation, discontinue use immediately. Although these side effects are rare, they can occur. There are numerous reasons why an individual should use it, and it is highly recommended that a person try this method for themselves to discover its benefits.

Regrowing hair naturally is very effective but as with all natural ingredients, it does work quite slowly. Continue on to my site for further natural hair loss remedies containing aloe vera for hair growth. If you want a faster method to treat your thinning or loss of hair, you may want to consider using an actual hair regrowth product that contains natural ingredients. Read our thorough reviews of these products, which includes the best selling Provillus.

Before modern medicine and chemical laboratories the ancient medicine men may have held the answers on how to naturally regrow your hair. Many of which are still used today and with varying results. To be considered natural an ingredient has to be found in nature and not be altered or treated in anyway before its use. Many people swear by these products and methods so it is worthwhile to examine a few of the most popular.

1. Exercise:It is a well known fact that exercise increases and improves blood circulation throughout the body as well as the scalp. It is believed that increased blood supply to the cells in hair follicles helps to maintain their health and stimulate hair production. This is how minoxidil is presumed to work and why people recommend scalp massages.

2. Essential Oils:These are concentrated oils from certain plants, such as bay, and lavender that you massage into your scalp. They are supposed to help with circulation and follicle stimulation and promote a healthy scalp.

3. Herbs:There are a variety of recommended herbs which include Sage, Nettle, Burdock and Rosemary. The best method is to create a solution by boiling them together, straining off the leaves and washing your hair using this every day.

4. Jojoba Oil:For hundreds of years this has been used widely in Mexico. There are many claims suggesting it is extremely effective as a way to naturally regrow your hair when massaged on the scalp.

5. Inhibiting DHT:This is a by product of testosterone and has now been found to circulate in the blood. It is responsible for the closing up of hair follicles that contributes to male pattern baldness and can cause prostate problems. The best natural DHT inhibitor is Saw Palmetto which significantly stops the enzyme that acts on testosterone from converting into DHT. It is also a proven treatment for an enlarged prostate.

To find out more about a proven natural hair loss product containing Saw Palmetto, and how it can help re-grow your hair, check out: Naturally Regrow Your Hair

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